Executive Team

Lazer Sternhell
Executive Managing Partner




Lazer Sternhell has represented owners, buyers and investors in multifamily and mixed-use apartment building transactions in Manhattan for almost three decades. His record of a wide range of successful and prominent deals places him in the highest echelon of his profession.

Prior to co-founding Cignature Realty in 2009, where he is CEO, Lazer was a broker with Capin & Associates, a real estate investment and consulting firm. During his tenure with Capin, Lazer was a lead or participating broker in real estate transactions totaling $1.5 billion. In 1999, Lazer co-founded CashZone, a financial services firm serving the underbanked of New York City. At CashZone, he served as CEO until its sale to a New York-based bank. 

Lazer began his career working for his family’s real estate business. He is a CoStar Power Broker in recognition of his significant accomplishments in commercial real estate.

Lazer lives in Rockland County with his wife and five sons. He enjoys spending time with his family and is actively involved in various charitable causes in his community.

Jacob Kloc
Managing Partner
Investor Relations


Jacob Kloc is founder and CEO of Victory Polymers, a leading formulator and distributor of polyurethane spray foam products for commercial and residential installation. Jacob grew up surrounded by real estate transactions. His father, Arthur Kloc, was a prominent New York mortgage broker and owner of multifamily buildings for over 40 years.

Prior to founding Victory Polymers, Jacob created a highly successful public access communications leasing company. He was also a co-founder of CashZone, a leader in check-cashing ATMs. After the disposition of both companies, Jacob became partners in a regional construction company where his area of expertise was building insulation. Seeking a way to mitigate the cost and time for repairing fire-damaged buildings, Jacob championed the use of polyurethane spray foam. This led to the rapid expansion of the business as well as other spray foam applications.

In 2009, Jacob started his own spray foam and related equipment dealership, The Spray Market, which ultimately led to the creation of Victory Polymers and Victory Spray Labs. The companies operate regionally in the United States. 

Yehuda Sahar
Managing Partner
Investor Relations



Yehuda Sahar is an experienced entrepreneur who, for more than 10 years, has been focusing his efforts on identifying and developing real estate investment opportunities in the United States and abroad. During this time, Yehuda has cultivated an extensive network of high-net-worth individuals, private equity funds and international investors.

Prior to joining Keter Property Group, Yehuda served as senior advisor with capital responsibilities for Shelbourne Global Solutions. He was solely responsible for the sourcing of properties and investor capital for the acquisition of over 6 million square feet of Class A real estate assets. 

Yehuda prides himself on being a trusted friend and advisor to those in his circle of friends and family, and participates in several charitable causes.

Fernando Alfonso
Managing Partner
Property Management



Fernando Alfonso has over 30 years of experience as a property manager for a wide range of multifamily and mixed-use apartment buildings, and as a development and construction management executive. 

  • Director of operations at CFF Consulting LLC, an owner and manager of over 600 multifamily units. 

  • Project executive for Metrovest Equities, which focuses on development and construction management. 

  • Property manager with a major New York City-based property management company overseeing over 2,500 residential and commercial units.


Fernando served six years in the United States Navy and was honorably discharged. He received multiple citations from the Secretary of the Navy and the Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet. 

Fernando is a New York State licensed real estate broker. He has been the recipient of many real estate industry awards, proclamations and honors from several of the metro area state and local government real estate agencies.

Andrew McMenamin
Managing Director



Andrew McMenamin began his career in real estate as a carpenter in single-family home construction, gaining invaluable experience and skills in a variety of trades. He found his niche specializing in hardwood floor installation. After Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast in 2012, he seized an opportunity and started his own hardwood flooring dealership and installation service. As this business grew, Andrew saw even greater opportunities in renovating and flipping homes. To date he has bought, renovated and sold over 30 high-end residential properties. Now he spends his professional time focused on residential and multifamily property sales and development.

Seeking out opportunities and even positioning himself to create those opportunities defines Andrew's approach. His insights as a seasoned tradesman and a successful entrepreneur give him a unique perspective and advantage in crafting one-of-a-kind real estate opportunities for investors and homeowners.

A resident of New Jersey, Andrew enjoys spending as much time as he can relaxing in the company of family and friends.

Omry Azarzar
Managing Director
Finance and Analytics



Omry Azarzar is the managing director of finance and analytics for Keter Property Group. 

Prior to joining Keter, Omry served as a senior loan advisor at a boutique commercial debt and equity financing company headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. He was involved in all aspects of their commercial mortgage and capital financing businesses where he underwrote commercial real estate loans including those for multifamily and mixed-use apartment buildings as well as real estate construction and development. Additionally, Omry has established significant relationships with private lenders, banks and finance companies as well as real estate investors and developers in the United States and internationally.

Omry began his career with Bank Leumi, where he completed their elite corporate credit training program. His work at Bank Leumi focused on analyzing debt of commercial companies and determining their financial stability.

Omry earned a Bachelor of Arts in economics and business management from The Academic College of Tel Aviv-Yaffo in Israel. He is a Tzahal veteran and is actively involved in the Friends of the IDF which supports active duty soldiers, veterans and family members of the Israel Defense Forces.